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Blizzard Portfolio Teaser

okay- i finally finished my portfolio for Blizzard entertainment- now all I have to do is finish coloring and editing some of the images- here's a teaser of one of the centaur images --I dont know if I'll use the same colors in the final, and this is by no means what it's going to look like when it's finished, I thought it would be fun to show the work in progress--so check it out if you'd like-

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sailing away

early concept art for the Orpheus story

even more livejournal sketchbooking

well- this actually falls under the umbrella of finished works~~~ Vie just pointed out my unintended pun~ oh, what a dork i am-

this was inspired by the song
'rains in asia'

Valerie made me a Jump addict <3
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more livejournal sketchbooking

~ farting around with pshop because i need to learn how to really paint : )
So~ Vie and I went to watch the taping of FOX's So you think you can dance show today after work, since we missed the taping last week~
Well, let me give you some background- Valerie is totally nuts about this one dancer named Ryan and he was eliminated on the last show- she had really wanted to see him in person. Well, we get to the Grove parking deck because we're walking from there to the CBS studios where they're taping, ad we take a little while in the car to just chill out and all from work. When we finally decide to go down, I want to go into the Grove really quickly to buy something to drink. (The Grove is also right next to the Farmer's Market)
When we get to the Grove, which isn't crowded at all at that hour, I see some cute guy with awesome style walking by and it goes like this:

me: "hey...isn't that...."
Vie: "Ryan!!!!"

So , Val and Ryan are talking for a little bit , then Ryan turns to me and we say, (In -unision-, might I add)
" Hey~..I like your hair"

and, if you know me , this is just pretty funny-
here is a picture of Ryan

We talked for a little bit more and he seemed like a pretty cool guy~ very nice and down to earth-

The taping was really fun- (Blake's solo this week is soo amazing- watch Wednesday night @ 8pm on Fox!)
and I got to meet Artem <3 <3 *swoon*
Ah, and Vie and I are front row center in the audience pit : )
Good times, good times~


the waves were kind of mean today~* je suis morte.
ouch, again

livejournal sketchbook time

i'm still trying to get my coloring perfect, but here's a little somethin somethin' for my lj sketchbookRead more...Collapse )

Go Speed, Go!

The other day, I went boarding and while I was out, the waves were really pounding everyone and I lost my fin. I figured that maybe if I didn't worry about it, it would just magically come back to me because it's *my* fin. Well, actually , my first thought was "Cripes, fins cost $34"
but luckily enough, after about half an hour, I spot a guy who's with his friends and they look like they're talking about something in the water- the guy reaches down and pulls up my fin! I was soooooooo happy to see it~
I seem to have odd luck- and jellyfish are quite attracted to me, as once proved in the Bahamas. Interestingly enough, in Huntington Beach- amidst a LOT of other surfers and spongers, I managed to make contact with a jellyfish.
There were also a few of them washed up onshore.

I also have been having weird luck on the road lately. On my way back from dropping Valerie off at work, I very narrowly avoided being freeway dirt. Mandee, if you read this, it has all been a bunch of events similar to the time we were driving to Edge. I swear, I so could be a starwars podracer. ok. enough, lest I jinx myself.

mad hot ballroom, baby

Valllllerie and I are going to see that tonight- last night we watched Howl's Moving Castle, which was the greatest thing- i totally empathized with Howl and his hair concerns.
I finally have some pictures of our apartment up and ready to be posted, so i thought i would post it here--- our wonderful Hutington Beach Abode. We are thinking of either moving to Long Beach next- or maybe somewhere else in Huntington - it'll depend on work-
I wish i could be at Bali Freakfest, which is a bodyboarder's convention type thing...they all rent out a hotel in Bali and go boarding all day.
here are the pictures- i'll have other ones from the vegas trip up in a bit too-

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