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Valerie is coming back to Cali on the 7th of January, so we're going to be emailing everyone who is interested in helping the info after Vie gets back because she is going to file her complaint when she gets here.

I'm writing this to all of my friends in livejournal because I need to ask if any of you would please be willing to help instigate a complain against US Airways for their horrible treatment towards Valerie and I on Dec 24th-25.
What I want to do is flood them with letters on their online form simply stating that You have heard of this incident, and until it is resolved, you are hesitant to fly on US Airways because the their treatment of clients is incredibly shoddy and not at all appropriate. I am going to create somewhat of a form letter for those of you interested in helping if I have enough people willing to help us, and I'll give you the link to their online feedback form. I'm hoping that they WILL realize tat they really need to re-evaluate their customer service ethic, because they put us through 2 days of hell and had the audacity to accuse us of being rude and insinuated t hat the situation was our fault.

If you need background on the incident, this is taken from Valerie's love_is_high journal.
Thank you very much everyone, and I hope you never have to go through or experience what we went through that day with US Airways airport ticketing.

the story
upon arriving at the airport hours early, the first person to "help" me at the ticketing counter took my information while I was patiently waiting-- she was already helping another custimer, but I was patient to wait even though the day before I had been told not to wait in line, but just to get helped immediately. The employee took my ticketing itenerary from me, and then said she didn't understand it, but she didn't think I could get a boarding pass from it. !!!!! WTF. But then, she set my stuff down behind the counter, and said I'd have to wait.... I called the 1800 number, and tried to get the person on the phone who had been helping me the day before. I tried to interupt the employee and at least get a clearer answer of what was wrong, and get my stuff back, asap. She immediately slowed down, and became incredibly irrate with me when I askewd her name. FInally, the woman who had "helped" me the day before arrived, and I told her what was happening. She worked on getting me my boarding pass. Elaine got back from the baggage claim office, and we both asked this employee what to do about baggage, as the 1800 number had told me that anyone at the ticketing counter could help me with that by looking up a six-letter code. this woman said that wasnt true, and the only person who could help was they guy in the baggage claim office, who elaine had just seen. well, all he had said was there was nothing he could do, and united was full of bullshit, and thewy still had my bag. The employee said "oh, you must have been rude to him" we were stunned. elaine wasnt rude, but even if she had been, why would that justify his claiming he couldnt help? She went and consulted with the other employee and the customer she was still helping (who had snapped at me-- why do other customers feel the need to get invovled?). This employee came back, and accused me and elaine of being rude, and said she couldnt work with us. WTF. We tried to reason we werent rude, but make the point that even if we were, or came off that way, how did that factor in to denying us reasonable service? This was how I spent my christmas morning. I'll skip details here, this is too invovled otherwise, but basically we parted with the employee as politely as possible evebn though she spoke condescin\dingly to us, treated us rudely and accusationally, etc. WHen I pointed out to her that maybe i seemed rude because I was PANICKED that on DAY 3, I WAS TOLD YET AGAIN I DID NOT HAVE A FLIGHT HOME, she rolled her eyes and said, "she [the other employee] just didn't know how to read your ticket..." um, yes. EXACTLY! The employee did not know how to do her job, and if not for intervention, which the employee did not seek, but i had to do myself-- i have no words. Plus, this employee claimed she spoke with the angry female customer, and she claimed we were rude to her.. (?)...Again, WTF. Yes, I 'interupted' tpo get the name of the employee when the 1800 number asked me to, yes i tried to get my paperwork back, or to find out what she meant by she couldnt give me a boarding pass, but i never swore, theatened, or impeded anything. It was ridiculous. But yes, we politely thanked the other employee and wised her a merry christmas, and sped off to baggage claim. Where they guy curtly told us he couldnt do anything. Until I started crying, and he turned away from his computer and got a good look at me. Then he bacame Mr. Helpful. But he still didnt get my bag back. He seemingly tried to investigate the matter (hmn, i thought there was nothing you could do..?)... but he hit on me the whole time, put his arm around me alot, asked if he could share my gum with me, told me most women looked awful when they cried but i looked beautiful.... he actually was the only person to help me, though. this sickened me--- the only person willing to do a damn thing for me wanted to do so only for purely self-interested reasons. And elaine was there. i was running short on time, and still needed to get my overnight bag out of the car and get through security. But i didnt want to let elaine go get the bag and leave me alone with the guy down there... and i didnt wantt o leave befpre he gfot off the phone with united (again, something before heclaimed he could not do...) ... it was so sleazy that this was the best treatment id gotten so far. basically, e and i had to dly out of there, and i had minutes left when i got to security. i had to run-- so the last person to hold and hug me was mr. baggage. absolutely fucked up. well, i made it through security, and i tried to ask someone which was my gate number, because my ticket didnt say, and i had no idea what concourse to go to. well, i was told to go look at the moniters down the end of one concourse. i got there, with literally 5 minutes until the plane was shceduled to take off. All the moniters were up, except for one set of three-- thats right, the us airways moniters were TURNED OFF. I lost it. I stated crying. It felt like the universe was truly against me getting home for chrsitmas. well, this nice elderly couple saw me and found otu what was wrong, and helped me find a us airways official-- it turned out my flight was one of two us airways flights departing form that concourse, so i ran, and i made it. i got on, i sat down. i was the last to board. there was an empty seat next to me. thank god. but wait-- there was one more passenger being let on. guess who? the client from earlier that mroning that had issue with me.

But, she was nice to me. And when she found otu my story, she aplogized for thinking i was rude, and admitted she would have been a whole lot more rude in my situation. i even got her name and number bc she said she overheard the employees saying i wasnt even one of their clients, so she said evidently, they had looked at my ticket info enough to ascertain that before setting it aside and making me wait while they helped that lady tape together a cardboard box.


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Dec. 28th, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
My...God. I´m speechless. Poor Valerie.

Do you think I can help?
Dec. 29th, 2005 01:06 am (UTC)
please, yes, i think it would help if other people would email them too, telling US Airways that they'd heard of this incident- I'll send you an email with the info ---thanks, Julia <3
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 29th, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)
I think it would--but for the sake of convinience for people, I was thinking of either faxing or the email form--- and yeah, go ahead and ask away- it happened on both Dec 24th and 25th at around 8 am and 7 am respectively
Dec. 29th, 2005 04:43 pm (UTC)
send me the link yo
Dec. 29th, 2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
I will! I just sent you an email to your work address- so expect maaaail : ) I think we're going to wait until Valerie comes back to Cali so she can send her letter, then have the people who are interested in helping write their letters too--thank you so much, Lisa, it's very much appreciated!
Dec. 30th, 2005 09:11 am (UTC)
*raises hand* send me link!
... and if that does not work I can still use the voodoo dolls I already prepared in my mind for them... >>>/
oh, and if you like I can ask some other local friends around here also to help with flooding them~
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